Our Products

In the last 50 years, the estate of San Ottaviano has slowly transformed from a large-scale multi-family farm into an agriturismo (a farm that offers apartments to rent and tourist services relating to its agricultural production).  In its agricultural hight, San Ottaviano was about twice its current 250 hectars and complete with an oil mill (what is now the restaurant), school, blacksmith and so many sheep! Today, our production and goals have changed course, but we continue to grow and transform our own products on-site.

We currently produce our own organic honey, barley, olive oil, jams, herbs, eggs and vegetables.  Our barley is transformed on-site into our artisanal beer: La Birra de’Neri.  We also sell wine produced by family members nearby in San Vincenzo and Massa Marittima, flour produced and ground in Riotorto, cheeses and salumi from Monteverdi, and many other local products.  This year we have invested in six Limosine cows which will produce the beef for our restaurant starting next year!