Our Beer

Birra de’Neri: Beginning in 2012, Francesco Neri launched himself into the innovative world of artisanal beer. In a region famous for its vineyards, Francesco and his father grow their own ingredients to make their beer, La Birra de’Neri.
They have built their own professional brewery and bottling plant. Making beer by hand in small batches requires a lot of work. For this reason, the quality and also the price are higher than commercial beers. There is no substitute, however, for the exceptional taste of a beer made in this way.
Our beer also makes a unique gift to bring home for family and friends!

We are happy to offer brewery tours and tastings to our guests.  Please contact us for reservations and pricing.

For more information visit: www.birradeneri.com

La Tipa, La Bionda, La Rossa e La Mora!

La tipa, La Bionda, La Rossa e La Mora!

la bionda

Something’s always on tap.

la tipa

Must be fresh.