Four-Legged Friends

The mascot of San Ottaviano and our beer – La Birra de’Neri – is our greyhound, Toki.  Even though, after 14 years,  he is no longer with us, Toki’s spirit lives on and welcomes all of his four-legged friends with an excited tail-wagging ‘hello’.   Our border collie, Petra, has taken up his role and will offer her belly to anyone willing to give it a rub!

The surroundings of San Ottaviano offer innumerable possibilities for hiking, with difficulty levels ranging from short and easy, to longer, more challenging treks – some trails even lead to the river or waterfalls (Petra’s favorites)!  Dogs are allowed on all trails and are welcome in all areas of our agriturismo as long as they are on a leash and their behavior is respectful to the other guests.