Birra de’Neri


Our Story

In 2012, Francesco Neri launched into the innovative world of artisanal beer. In a region famous for its vineyards, Francesco - the fourth generation of the Neri family to farm on the San Ottaviano estate - decided to transform his barley into beer, giving birth to La Birra de’Neri.

Directly on the estate located in the Val di Cornia in Tuscany, the entire production process can be followed from the barley fields to brewing, bottling, labelling and boxing. This farm-to-table characteristic earns La Birra de’Neri the special title of “agricultural beer”, a rarity in the beer world.

Enthusiasts wishing to experience the beer at its place of origin, are invited to visit the brewery for a tour and tasting or even to spend some time in one of the apartments or villas on the estate. In the restaurant, guests will find La Birra de’Neri on tap and unique Tuscan dishes made with the beer on the menu.


At the moment we produce..


La Tipa

La Rossa

La Bianca

La Bionda

From the first inhalation, La Tipa will arouse your senses with a strong presence of citrus and tropical fruits. The classic bitterness of this style of beer gives the consumer a balanced and pleasurable drinkability. Its persistant foam and incredible amber color define what will be a delectable and refreshing sip...after sip. Suggested pairings: lobster and other crustaceans, red meat.​ La Rossa's generous, persistent and homogeneous foam leads you to an amber colored beer with fruity characteristics, herbal notes and a delicate toasted finish. Suggested pairings: grilled meats and aged cheeses. The refreshing and light qualities of "La Bianca" come together in this weizen beer bringing it an outstanding drinkability. Upfront notes of banana and spices arouse your senses delivering a crisp wash of the palate and arriving at a short fresh finish. Suggested pairings: suitable for all courses but at its best with meat - from the most delicate to game. The soft and compact foam of La Bionda accompanies perfectly its sweet, malty notes. This inviting introduction is followed by the contrasting scents of delicate honey and grassy herb. Suggested pairings: fish dishes, white meats and vegetables.
Alc. 6,5%
EBC: 27
IBU: 40
style: India Pale Ale
Alc. 5,6%
EBC: 22
IBU: 22 ​
style: Belgian Ale
Alc. 4,5%
EBC: 10,4
IBU: 13,5
​style: Weissbier
Alc. 5,6%
EBC: 11
IBU: 18
style: American Pale Ale



Tours & Tastings

Available once a week or by reservation (for groups).
Please ask in the reception for dates and times.


Scheduled tours

If participating in a scheduled tour, the cost is 3 euro per person.
Private tastings have separate prices.


At our restaurant

We offer a special menu in our restaurant dedicated to our beer with four courses made with Birra de’Neri and paired with our four types.


Tenuta San Ottaviano
Birrificio de'Neri
Loc. Massoni snc
Monterotondo Marittimo (GR)
​ ​
Responsabile Vendite: Davide Nuti
C: 333 1834701


Agriturismo San Ottaviano - P. IVA 01485890535 - Loc. Massoni, 58025 - Monterotondo Marittimo - Grosseto
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