Unser Engagement für Sie während der COVID-19-Pandemie

Unsere Maßnahmen werden ständig überarbeitet und laut den Gesetzten adaptiert. Stand: 21.05.2020

Ihre Gesundheit und Sicherheit ist für uns von größter Bedeutung. Wir tun unser Bestes, um Ihnen einen wunderschönen und stressfreien Urlaub zu ermöglichen! Bitte nehmen Sie sich die notwendige Zeit, um unser COVID-19-Protokoll zu lesen, das unsere internen Sicherheits- und Reinigungsrichtlinien beschreibt, die den Empfehlungen und Orientierungen der EU sowie der nationalen und regionalen Gesetzgebung entsprechen.

COVID-19 breitet sich aus, wenn eine infizierte Person hustet oder kleine Tröpfchen über das Ausatmen durch die Nase oder den Mund in die Luft gelangen.


  • With the online check-in, we are able to greet you in front of the office and bring you immediately to your apartment.
  • Only ONE person is allowed in the office at a time, so please choose one family member to proceed with payment on your arrival day.
  • Telephone number for emergencies: 112 - hospitals in the area, emergency medical services in case of symptoms such as a fever, dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties etc.
  • To protect you, our staff is provided with personal protective equipment such as surgical masks (FFP2 or FFP3).
  • Please observe physical distancing (at least 1 m) at all times as does our staff.
  • There are dispensers with alcohol-based hand rub solutions (containing at least 70% of alcohol) available at the reception, restaurant and pool area.
  • The POS terminals, pens and pencils at the reception are cleaned with alcohol-based solutions before and after use to minimise transmission risks. We try to avoid using paper and sharing pens/pencils.
  • Our room/apartment keys and keyrings are disinfected at each change of guest.
  • Please take note of the posters around our building relating to the necessary sanitary prevention measures: respiratory etiquette, hand hygiene, use of face masks, ventilation and cleaning and disinfection.
  • We ensure an uninterrupted availability of soap and water, and single-use paper towels in our shared toilets, but we ask that you use the bathroom in your own apartment unless it is an emergency.


  • We are proud to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness. In response to COVID-19, we have taken additional measures, in line with the National Protocol “Accoglienza Sicura” (Safe Welcome) to make our hygiene and safety protocols even more rigorous.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning in common areas.
  • We have dispensers with alcohol-based hand rub solutions (containing at least 70% of alcohol) distributed around our property.
  • Our cleaning staff wear masks at all times inside the apartments.
  • Standard detergents are sufficient for routine cleaning. For a more in depth cleaning, we use 1% sodium hypochlorite and 70% alcohol for more delicate surfaces where the use of bleach is not suitable.
  • The apartments are opened to promote air exchange for at least one hour between cleanings.
  • Outdoor areas have less risk than indoor areas due to air currents and exposure to sunlight. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant, keeping the concentration of disinfectant in our swimming pool within the limits recommended by European standards, and preferably at the upper limits of the range. We also frequently clean the outdoor shower (frequently touched surfaces) and the surrounding areas. The safe distancing rule is obligatory around the pool (see pool rules below).


  • Breakfast will be served by our staff - there will be no buffet.  Please fill out your breakfast order form and make a reservation either by email or at the reception before your first morning on the estate.
  • Our hygiene measures are enhanced with the availability of alcohol-based hand rub solutions. We observe physical distancing and ask that our guests maintain at least 1 m between themselves and other guests in the restaurant.
  • The tables, chairs and umbrellas in the restaurant may not be moved for any reason.
  • We limit the number of guests present in the restaurant/bar at any time to ensure physical distancing.
  • Our staff have received food hygiene training in compliance with the current legislation.


  • No more than 20 people in the pool at one time.
  • You must shower with soap before entering the pool area.
  • The pool chairs and umbrellas may not be moved FOR ANY REASON
  • You must keep 1,80 meters between families at all times.
  • Sanitise chairs before and after use with the provided alcohol solution.
  • Small children are not allowed in the pool (children who use diapers or could have accidentes in the pool).
  • You must wear a shower cap to enter the pool.
  • Spitting and nose blowing is forbidden in the pool area.


  • Please leave the door and windows in your apartment open on check-out day.
  • Remember that only one person is allowed in the office at a time.


  • We have action plans in place to cover the following phases: 1) check-in, check-out and during the stay; 2) suspected cases and measures to adopt; 3) up to 14 days after the check-out.
  • If you exhibits symptoms, please return to your room immediately for isolation and contact immediately the emergency numbers provided above.  Inform the reception by telephone immediately.
  • Within the 14 days following your departure, we explicitly request that you immediately notify us if you develop symptoms associated with COVID-19, or obtain a positive test result for COVID-19.
  • Please make sure that we have your contact details on record before you leave for this purpose.


  • Die Rezeption ist von 8.00 bis 20.00 Uhr geöffnet.
  • Tel: 0566 910104
  • NUR für Notfälle außerhalb dieser Zeiten: 0039 353.426.5851
  • Email: info@sanottaviano.it

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