The sea in Val di Cornia is characterised by sandy beaches, many of which are blue flag, and which alternate between rocky cliffs, pine forests and Mediterranean scrub. There is a myriad of beaches to choose from: the Coastal Park of Sterpaia (Riotorto, Piombino), Cala Violina, the beaches of San Vincenzo and the coastal park of Rimigliano, the Gulf of Baratti, Buca delle Fate and Cala San Quirico and Spiaggia Lunga and Calamoresca. For your 4-legged friends, you have the Dog Beach in San Vincenzo and the Pascià Glam Dog Beach in Piombino.


Costiero della Sterpaia Park: Torre Mozza and La Carbonifera

The Costiero della Sterpaia park is best known for its crystalline sea, clear and sandy beach bottoms and its fine golden sand. Behind the sand dunes, there is a pine forest equipped with wooden tables and benches and access points for the disabled.

Torre Mozza

The beautiful beach of Torre Mozza is 3 km away from the centre of Follonica and is "guarded" by an ancient tower dating from the 1500s that had the function of watching out for possible Saracen raids. The area is wild and composed of sandy dunes and reed beds. There are both beach clubs and free beaches. The parking lots are located behind the beach; however in the middle of summer there could be a shortage of space.

La Carbonifera

An ancient commercial port, the Carbonifera beach owes its name to its history: in the 1800s the railroad arrived here from the mines laden with coal. The tower that stands on the beach marks the exact spot where the railroad ended.

How to get there:
Take the SS1 Aurelia and exit at Vignale-Riotorto. Continue towards Piombino and “Parco costiero della Sterpaia”. Approx. 30 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 30 mins.).

Golfo di Baratti

Located in the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia. Seaside resort, but also renowned for its archaeological sites of Etruscan origin. On the port of Baratti the fifteenth-century Torre di Baratti stands out and a little further north along the gulf is the Chapel of San Cerbone.

How to get there:
Head towards SR398. 7 min (3,7 km). Follow SR398 and Strada Provinciale delle Caldanelle towards Baratti. Approx. 35 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 40 mins.).

Cala Violina

The beach of Cala Violina is located between Follonica and Punta Ala (both about 10 km apart), within the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve. Cala Violina is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Maremma. The beach is clear and composed of very small quartz grains. The singular name derives from the sound that emits the sand when you walk on it, which reminds you of a violin. There are no beach clubs, but in summer, before arriving on the beach, you will find a kiosk with fresh drinks and sandwiches. The beach is not very big, so in high season it is crowded. In the pine forest in front of the beach, you will find wooden tables and benches for a snack in the shade of pine trees.

How to get there:
Head towards SR398. Take SP19, Strada Provinciale Montioni/SP33, Strada Regionale 439 Sarzanese Valdera/SR439 and Strada Provinciale delle Collacchie/SP158 towards Via della Dogana in  Puntone. Drive towards Lungomare Giuseppe Garibaldi. Approx. 43 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 70 mins.).


The beach in front of the town of Follonica is made up of fine sand with  gently sloping seabed. There are plenty of beach clubs and bars, but also plenty of free beach.

How to get there:
Head towards SR398. Take SP19 and Strada Regionale 439 Sarzanese Valdera/SR439 towards Via Roma in Follonica. Follow Via Roma until Via Bicocchi. Approx. 33 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 35 mins.).

San Vincenzo

There are beach resorts and free beaches such as those in the Parco di Rimigliano (6 km in length), which is ideal for walks in the pine forest running alongside the beach. There are lots of picnic tables and benches. The beach is equipped with public showers and toilets and sandy and shallow beach bottoms for a safe swim.

Dog Beach
For dog lovers, there is the Dog Beach where dogs can take a swim and ramble freely. It is characterised by a wide beach, bordered by low dunes and maritime pines. The sea is also amazing here: blue and shallow, with sandy bottoms that slope gently towards the sea.

How to get there:
Exit SS Aurelia at San Vincenzo, follow the road towards Piombino. Pass San Vincenzo and follow directions for the Parco di Rimigliano. Approx. 33 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 39 mins.).

Castiglione della Pescaia

The beach of Castiglione della Pescaia is located in front of the town. It is sandy with shallow waters and can be divided into the Ponente Beach and Levante Beach. The Ponente Beach runs towards Punta Ala and is the more popular beach in Castiglione. The Levante Beach stretches from the Canal Port towards Marina di Grosseto and is practically south of Castiglione and less crowded.

How to get there:
Head towards SR398. Take SP19 and SP158 towards Piazza Antonio Gramsci in Castiglione della Pescaia. Approx. 54 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 55 mins.).

Pascià Glam Beach (for dogs in Piombino)

Private beach resort for dogs in the Parco della Sterpaia.

How to get there:
Head towards SR398. Drive from SP22 to Campiglia Marittima. Follow the Strada Comunale di Casalappi towards SP39 in Piombino. Take the SP40 towards Località Vignarca and then turn left. Approx. 32 km by car from our Agriturismo (+/- 38 mins.).

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